There are 7 Easy Ways for you to Follow The Flight!

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With over 30,000 miles of flight, 170 stops, and a goal to reach 50,000,000 people, there are most certainly  news and updates throughout The Flight.

As The Flight for the Human Spirit continues, we wanted to give you some simple tips on the best ways to follow along.


  1. Website:  By far, the most comprehensive place to follow The Flight will be on our website.  You will find live flight tracking, reports from mission control, comments from the cockpit, updated photos, videos, and comments from fans.  The website is the place to be!
  2. Facebook Fan Page:  This is one of Michael's favorite places to hang out.  You will most likely get a personal comment back, and also be the first to hear the latest news from the cockpit as Hope One flies around the country. Here is the link to the Fan Page:!/pages/Official-Flight-for-the-Human-Spirit-Fan-Page/278702563112?ref=ts  Or Log into Facebook and search "The Flight for the Human Spirit"
  3. Twitter:  What can we say about Twitter?  It's a great place to catch the quick blasts and updates.  Even links to articles will be posted on Twitter for your convenience.  Follow:  combscoach   or follow mission control for the basic information regarding the flight status:  FHSMissionCtrl
  4. YouTube:  Videos are a great way to capture the spirit of The Flight.  We will post videos "on the fly" during The Flight.  There are also interviews, and more detailed videos on Hope One and the equipment that is a part of The Flight.  Here is the YouTube link:  Or log into YouTube and search the channel "Flight4HumanSpirit"
  5. Community Group:  These are the fans who want to get close to the project and improve their own lives as well.  There are places to post your own goals and dreams, as well as photos and offer input on The Flight.  All blog posts and press releases will be found here.  Or go to the home page of The Flight: and click on "Community Forum" button.  Be sure to join this prestigious group!
  6. Podcasts:  Recently recognized for its high traffic volume, Michael's podcasts are a great way to follow The Flight and hear his personal thoughts about the events that surround him.  or subscribe on itunes, zune, and most major podcast sites.
  7. See Michael and Hope One when they fly to a city or town near you.  With more stops scheduled, it is a sure bet that Michael will be landing somewhere within a close drive or flight to you.  By attending the stop event, you will personally be witnessing history in the making!  Although most stops will be short, you will be there to take your own photos and perhaps meet Michael personally.  For an updated list of stops, watch the official Facebook page, or our Community page.


Tell your friends!  

We all need encouragement right now, and this is a project that is touching lives all around the world!!! 


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