Ten Ways that You Can Participate in Aviation History

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Ten Ways that You Can Participate in Aviation History

by Michael Combs


At last week's airshow in Denton, TX I had a lot of people ask how they can follow The Flight for the Human Spirit as we attempt to set a new Transcontinental World Record this weekend.  There has never been a time when encouragement was needed by so many around the world, and it seems as though our message of never EVER giving up is gaining a lot of attention.  We are truly proving that anyone can do whatever they set out to do if they just believe in themselves. 

This particular flight is gaining popularity more than the flight into the first 49 states due to how many miles we have already logged in Hope One:  33,000 with another 4,400 coming within the next week.  This means that we have flown further than one and a half times around the globe, and are still going strong as we set our sights on the final state of Hawaii.  If you've been following along, you know that I have flown Hope One coast to coast many times, but this is the first time that it has been specifically to set a world record under Sport Pilot rules.  The primary restriction relative to this endeavor is that I can't fly at night...so we have to break the journey into two flight days.  The maximum amount of time that we are allowed to make this flight by FAI rules is approximately 43 hours from the moment of take-off in Carlsbad, CA.  I told mission control today that I want no less than a 90% probability of making it to the east coast due to weather or we would have to delay the flight until the next day.  We start at 90% because we know that this number will diminish as time and distance are increased.

There are TEN WAYS for you to follow along, so no matter where you are on this planet, you will be able to get the latest information in whatever amount that you want:

  • 1. The best place by far will be our website: www.FlightHS.com Here you will find the latest updates, photos, reports from Mission Control, and even live satellite tracking! Watch for the launch of our new site on Wednesday evening, June 20th!
  • 2. Facebook - Be sure to like the "Official Flight for the Human Spirit Fan Page" There will be a lot of fan comments and interaction here.
  • 3. Twitter - @combscoach will provide the latest information from the cockpit of Hope One and @FHSMissionCtrl will provide the latest information direct from Mission Control. Mission Control will be posting ETAs along with information about weather and pertinent details surrounding The Flight
  • 4. Fuel Stops - If you are fortunate enough to make it to one of the eight fuel stops, you should track Hope One live on www.FlightHS.com in order to know exactly where our location is. These stops will be short and are scheduled to only last fifteen minutes each, but during that time you will be allowed to photograph Hope One and look inside the cockpit. Daniel and I will be stretching and taking care of a number of tasks but will always allow time in order to make sure that you get a photo...so bring your camera!!!
  • 5. Night Stops - Flight Day One and Flight Day Two - At the end of each flight day you will have plenty of time to look inside of the Hope One cockpit and to talk with Daniel and I. Bring your camera!
  • 6. Flight for the Human Spirit Blog: Many have discovered a hidden secret behind The Flight for the Human Spirit...our community blog site: http://flightforthehumanspirit.groupsite.com/main/summary This is the first location that posts our press releases and articles. You are free to visit the site where you'll find blog posts, photos, and you are welcome to join the community.
  • 7. Flying along with Hope One - Some pilots have voiced an interest in flying along on a partial leg in order to get some air to air shots and to participate in this celebration of Aviation and the Human Spirit. If you are planning on flying along, please give priority to Hope One while taxiing. We will be in touch with regional controllers throughout the flight so they will be able to provide our location. We will monitor the frequency 123.45 as often as possible. No close wing flying will be allowed, so keep your minimum distance at 1,000 ft. We will photograph you as well, so stay in touch with us in order to receive your photo that documents your participation.
  • 8. Viewing Hope One from the ground - We have posted our route, and will have live satellite tracking available on our website: www.FlightHS.com Many have been able to take great shots of Hope One as she flies through the sky particularly while descending or ascending. If you are in our flight path, then take the time to look upward and listen for the quiet sound of the Rotax engine on our REMOS. As you look up to the sky, know that we are doing this so that you will find the encouragement to go out and follow your own dreams...whatever they may be. Please note that Hope One will be cruising at a planned altitude of 9,500 ft above sea level, so use your binoculars and let the kids have a look!
  • 9. There are a number of websites that provide tracking of aircraft and also provide simulcasting of radio transmissions from aircraft to controllers. These add a fantastic dimension to your experience as you will hear us talk with the controllers as we check in, get routing instructions, and obtain landing clearance. The tail number of Hope One is: N82GX On the radio it will be acknowledged as: "November Eight Two Golf X-Ray" or "Two Golf X-Ray." In addition to websites, you may have a scanner and can easily find the various frequencies that we'll be operating on while we fly in your area.
  • 10. For a dynamic experience, listen to a Flight for the Human Spirit podcast: http://combs.podomatic.com/ These podcasts are listened to around the world and highlight particular interviews and experiences that go beyond what a photograph can tell. Episode #63 is scheduled for release by June 20th. These podcasts can be automatically subscribed to and downloaded from various sites including iTunes.


As always...we are particularly thankful for who you are and always enjoy hearing from you and how The Flight for the Human Spirit has affected your life.  Please drop us a line at:  media@FlightHS.com


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