Route for LSA World Record Attempt is Announced

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June 01, 2012




World Record Transcontinental Flight in a Light Sport Aircraft


Denton, TX -  A Coast to Coast record attempt is scheduled to take place on June 23rd and 24th in a Light Sport Aircraft.  This will be sanctioned as both a National and World Record Aviation event.

From his Lake Dallas office, pilot Michael Combs announced the official west to east route for The Flight which will begin in Carlsbad, CA (KCRQ - McClellan - Palomar) and will end in Wilmington, NC (KILM - Wilmington International).  The total flight distance is 2,030 miles and will take two days to accomplish.  This is a unique flight in that it will be attempted in a Light Sport Aircraft under Sport Pilot Rules which means that Combs will have to fly during daytime hours and cannot fly above 10,000 ft.

"By FAI rules, I'll have 43 hours to complete the flight once I take-off from San Diego," explained Combs.  "This is not flight time...but total time; fuel stops, routing around storms, and time between dusk and dawn all count against The Flight.  We planned this flight in late June to maximize the number of flying hours available during the day."


The Flight is not a joy ride and will present its own challenges however.  In addition to the mental fatigue and topography, weather will be the ultimate obstacle.  "Finding two days of flyable weather from coast to coast will prove to be interesting for this small aircraft," commented Combs.  "We have already found this to be tough while attempting The Flight for the Human Spirit."

In April of 2010, Michael set out with the goal to fly his REMOS Light Sport Aircraft into all fifty states.  To date he has successfully touched down in 49 states while logging more than 32,000 miles and stopping at over 200 airports.  His primary goal has been to encourage others to follow their dreams, a message that has reached an astounding 26,000,000 people around the world who have told Combs about how his endeavor has inspired them to fly, to start businesses, and even to mend relationships.

 Combs will not fly solo on this attempt.  His son Daniel Routh, (age 21) will be the co-pilot and is assigned tasks from communications to documentation.  "Daniel represents a targeted segment of young adults who need this type of message right now," said Combs.  "We'll be using many methods of reaching a number of people around the globe from our website to Facebook and Twitter.  We have live satellite tracking and will post updates during both flight days.  It will be an amazing flight that everyone can participate in no matter where in the world they are.  Our conservative estimates are showing that we'll have an incredible number of followers during this attempt."


There are a total of seven stops once Combs departs from Carlsbad.  They are KCHD - Chandler, AZ, KABQ - Albuquerque, NM, KAMA - Amarillo, TX, KDTO - Denton, TX, KGLH - Greenville, MS, KBHM - Birmingham, AL, KCAE - Columbia, SC and KILM - Wilmington, NC.  The media will be invited to each of these stops which will be the equivalent of quick pit stops for refueling and fast stretches.  "We are encouraging people to participate in aviation events whenever possible," said Combs.  "This will be a great experience and will inspire others to follow their own dreams.  That's been our goal all along."


To follow The Flight for the Human Spirit, go to  as well as "The Official Flight for the Human Spirit Fan Page" on Facebook, or @combscoach on Twitter.


Photo Caption - Michael Combs and co-pilot Daniel Routh will attempt to set a Coast to Coast World Record in this REMOS Light Sport Aircraft named, "Hope One"


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