Press Release: Pilot Finds Unique Way to Blend Aviation and Art

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February 17, 2011



Pilot finds Unique Way to Blend Aviation and Art


Dallas, TX - Introducing the world of Aviation to the Art Community may seem like an impossible feat, but tackling the impossible seems to be a normal way of life for pilot/artist Michael Combs.  He will be speaking at the Dallas Museum of Art this Friday on The Flight for the Human Spirit and utilizing various digital medias in artistic forms.  Combs has successfully piloted a Remos GX Light Sport Aircraft into 49 states over a distance of nearly 24,000 miles.  With his feet on the ground over the past few months, he has produced Digital Art pieces from The Flight for the Human Spirit and is generating interest in the world of aviation from members of the art community.

"People are always intrigued by the unique viewpoint of what the world looks like from the air," said Combs.  "My artwork is not only telling a story, but it provides that perspective of flight from something other than a photograph."

The Art Community typically doesn't consist of aviation enthusiasts, so Combs views this as an opportunity to blend the two worlds together.  "Everyone loves aviation, but to so many it is an untouchable goal is to not only make aviation touchable, but interactive.  I want others to know how great it is to fly, and that it is reachable to a larger audience."  Combs is also in discussion to have a featured exhibit which will consist of photos and videos from The Flight, as well as his original oil paintings depicting Hope One and other scenes from his 152 touch downs.

Combs is currently seeking sponsors to offset the cost of shipping his aircraft to Hawaii in order to finish his journey which began last April.  By reaching completely new marketplaces and bringing attention to aviation in this unique way, his goal is to reach 50 million people and encourage them to pursue their own dreams, no matter what they are.

You can follow The Flight for the Human Spirit by logging onto:




Photo Caption - Pilot Michael Combs with his Remos aircraft named "Hope One"



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  • Bruce says:

    This is great... following two of your dreams and combining them in a unique way. How about including Hope One in the art exhibit you're working on? Maybe you could find an "Art Angel" to bring the whole exhibit to Hawaii. ;-)

    February 18, 2011 at 9:42 AM | Permalink

  • Michael says:

    Hi Bruce - Yeah...Hope One would definitely be a part of the exhibit. I've already picked out the location in the museum for her. I really like your idea about the Art never know where that door will open up.

    Take care - mc

    February 18, 2011 at 10:40 AM | Permalink


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