Press Release - Combs to Speak at Sun n' Fun Airshow

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March 16, 2012




Combs to Speak at Sun n' Fun



Denton, TX - Adventurer Pilot Michael Combs is preparing his REMOS GX Light Sport Aircraft from his home base at US Aviation for a journey to Florida late next week.   He will be attending the Sun n' Fun air show which is one of the nation's largest, and is scheduled to speak four times at the event.

"I love Sun n' Fun," said Combs.  "It is one of those events that spur everyone to think of flying and getting their airplanes ready for the summer months.  The Florida sun and the atmosphere of the show are intoxicating."

This will be the first time that Michael's aircraft will be on display at Sun n' Fun, since beginning The Flight for the Human Spirit in April of 2010.  "I actually first saw this aircraft on display as a demo aircraft in 2009.  We came back to Texas and before long REMOS and I began talking about striping and placement of The Flight logo.  In 2010, we were in Frederick, MD and scheduled to fly north into New England, then last year with the low cloud ceiling we only made it as far as Philadelphia, MS and ended up renting a car and driving down for the show.  So I'm particularly excited that finally our fans at Sun n' Fun will be able to see this historic aircraft."

Combs has successfully flown Hope One over 30,000 miles and to over 185 airports.  He has journeyed into 49 states and plans on reaching Hawaii in the fall of 2012.  In the mean time, he will soon be announcing his upcoming Cross Country route for this June which will yield an attempt to set a new world record in the REMOS.


 Both his experience as a pilot and as a motivational speaker has brought him into venues outside of the aviation arena which is helping to introduce the world of flying to a more diverse crowd.  "I love speaking about The Flight and showing others that you can accomplish whatever you want in your life," explained Combs."Whether you want to earn your wings, or open a new restaurant...the steps are universal, and... they really work!"

If you go, Combs will be speaking on:


  1.  "How to plan a Cross Country Trip"  - Wednesday- 03/29 at one and

                                                                       - Sunday        -04/01 at ten

Also - - -

  1.  "The Twenty Best Places to Fly -       - Tuesday     -03/28 at noon and

                                                                        - Friday         -03/30 at one


Photo Caption - Michael Combs captivates audiences with his adventures and motivating message that "It's never, EVER too late to follow your dreams."


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