Press Release - Combs to Debut Music for Flight at AOPA Summit

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October 04, 2013



Combs to Debut Flight Music at AOPA Summit


Corinth, TX - Michael Combs who became the first Sport Pilot to fly a Light Sport Aircraft into all fifty states announced today that attendees at this year's AOPA Airportfest will be the first to hear some of his latest compositions.  While speaking about The Flight for the Human Spirit, Michael's music will fill the background.


"This is a first for us, but I'm really excited for the opportunity that the attendees will have," said Michael from his Lake Dallas studio.  "Most of this music has been inspired from The Flight and the experience of flying."  Some of the titles include:  "Into the Clouds," "I Fly," and "Flying Over the Continental Divide."


Michael is well known in the aviation community and holds five world records, but most don't know that he is also an accomplished musician and composer.  One of his next goals is to conduct a symphony orchestra while performing a catalog of his compositions entitled "Through the Veil."  The album is slated to be released early in 2014.


The Airportfest Presentation is scheduled on the big stage at Meacham Airport this Thursday the 10th at 3:30.  The topic will center around how to find your purpose in life and specifically what it takes to never give up on your dreams.  It will be a moving talk that shows how anyone can accomplish anything if they only believe in themselves.  "This music is fitting for this topic," explained Michael.  "It has undertones that are designed to inspire the listener."  The music is custom composed specifically for this event and currently is not available to the public.


Aviation fans will also be happy to know that Hope One will be on display at this year's Summit.  This REMOS Light Sport Aircraft holds Five World Records and has flown the distance of over two times around the globe.  It is a continuing project that is striving to set three more records within the next twelve months with additional International flights currently in the planning stage.


"Music is my gift, and Flying is my passion.  When I combine these two worlds the result can be nothing less than what deeply stirs the soul."


If you go...


AOPA Summit:

Presentation Time:  October 10th, 3:30 - 4:30

Location:  Airportfest, Meacham Airport (KFTW)

Specifics:  Hope One will be located by the Main Outdoor Stage

Cost:  Admission to Airportfest Exhibits and Speakers is FREE!


To learn more about The Flight for the Human Spirit, go to



Photo Caption - Michael Combs and his REMOS aircraft named "Hope One" after completing a test flight to prepare for the next World Record.







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