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Celebrating Aviation and Encouraging Others to Follow Their Dreams

As you know, The Flight for the Human Spirit has been very interactive for our fans.  Since Hope One was unveiled at US Aviation Group, you've been able to follow each flight with live satellite tracking, see photos along the way, and even follow the live Facebook and Twitter posts actually sent from the cockpit.  As the project has unfolded we've not only set new records, but we've had a following of over 130,000 hits per day on individual flight days.  The Flight is now followed everywhere around the planet as we continually hear accounts of those lives who are forever changed because they never, EVER gave up on their dreams.

With the arrival of 2012, we are anticipating seeing the end of an incredible journey this year that will still encompass several more world record flights in the REMOS.  Specifically, there will be another point to point adventure similar to the Ft Worth to Branson flight of last July, as well as an FAI sanctioned Coast to Coast flight while maintaining Sport Pilot Rules. These two flights will be flown in Hope One while another world record flight is being planned in a different aircraft that you will definitely want to participate in.  All of these are will be centered around an appearance at this year's Sun n Fun Air Show, as well as the Air Venture festivities this summer.  Hope One is also being scheduled to be shown at various air shows and fly-ins across the country so that others may see this amazing aircraft.  Of course, the big story will be the final touchdown in Honolulu, HI currently scheduled for September 2012 and will conclude a flight that will have logged over 36,000 miles, 180 different airports, and over fifty million lives touched, (quite an accomplishment for a project that began with absolutely nothing...but a dream).

Nominate Your Airport

We are considering several routes for these historic flights, but before I announce my selection, I wanted to reach out to you in order to give you the opportunity to nominate your favorite airport or town.  We need two types of locations:

1.   Beginning and Ending points 

 In order to easily facilitate the official record keeping functions of these flights, it is easier to have towered airports staffed with FAA certified personnel.  These individuals are approved by the NAA & FAI to serve as official timekeepers whose duties are to log the exact takeoff and landing times and report this information back to the proper authorities.  Even though it is possible to grant permission to a judge, there is an application process that can be eliminated by sticking with towered airports.

Hope One is properly equipped with multiple radios and transmitters, so these airports can be located in any classification of air space.  We will make arrangements with the proper authorities so that they know of our intentions, and can facilitate our departure and arrival routes.  The controllers thoroughly enjoy being involved in record setting aviation events and we have been very active in communicating with regional centers from coast to coast.


Ideally, the beginning and ending points will be those airports that support and encourage General Aviation in their area.  Our goal is promote GA through extensive media coverage through local sources and a large worldwide fan base on the web.  When the final points are announced in several weeks, there will be immediate attention drawn to those areas and we want to make sure that the overall aviation community is supported by airport staff and local officials.  Through the many stops that I've made around the country, I have seen my share of those airports and FBO's that fully embrace General Aviation...and unfortunately I have seen too many that seem to be completely opposite.  My goal for these remaining flights is to make sure that we highlight those areas across the country that are truly fans of aviation at every level. 

2. Fuel Stops

One of the goals in my coast to coast flight last year was to determine the timing at fuel stops.  This is one area where it could truly make or break these upcoming world record attempts.  This is where I really need your assistance.

The fuel stops will be those airports that are ready with fuel that can be dispensed quickly.  Even though they are short stops, they are fun events that can involve any number of individuals or clubs.  By tracking the live satellite feeds, as well as communication with our mission control team, you'll know the ETA and will be able to coordinate the stop to perfection that will be talked about for years to come.  Each of our flights will require at least one fuel stop and any airport with available fuel is perfect.

My personal goal for the fuel stop airports are that they are GA friendly airports and that the airport/FBO is willing to be promoted to a worldwide audience.  This is a great activity for a flight clubs, or flight communities so let us know your thoughts.


For the coast to coast flight, I'll fly from southern California to somewhere on the Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina coast.  The take-off and landing points must be within 20 miles of the coastline.  Fuel stops can be anywhere along the way and will be spaced approximately 300 miles apart.

For the point to point flight, this will be approximately a 600 mile flight with one fuel stop.  This flight can be anywhere in the US, so let's consider your favorite and have some fun while we continue to make aviation history.

Invite Hope One to your next event!

It is very clear that the message behind The Flight for the Human Spirit is touching lives all around the world.  Hope One will soon be on exhibit in several museums across the country but before she is consigned to this future I want as many people as possible to see and touch this amazing aircraft.  If you have an airshow, a fly-in, a pancake breakfast, or would like me to come speak to your group, please let us know. Likewise, I am speaking at more and more non-aviation events and meetings so let's coordinate our efforts to share encouragement and productivity.  We'll help to promote your event and do whatever we can to make it as memorable as successful as possible.

Contact information

To nominate your airport, or to coordinate your club event...send an e-mail to

Thanks for your help, and I'll keep you posted as we progress.


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