Michael Combs to Set New Aviation World Record

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July 01, 2011




Michael Combs to Set New Aviation World Record



Denton, TX - Michael Combs received just the word that he had been waiting for today.  An e-mail arrived from The National Aeronautical Association confirming that he had the permission to conduct an officially sanctioned World Record Flight granted to him and his REMOS GX Light Sport Aircraft.  According to the document, the take-off point will be Ft Worth, TX and touchdown will be in Branson, MO.  It is a flight that when completed will award Combs and his aircraft named "Hope One" a place in aviation history.


Combs has successfully flown his aircraft into 49 states and covered more than 27,300 miles.  Branson will become the 170th stop on a journey that is slated to end in Honolulu, HI as soon as passage across the Pacific can be arranged or sponsored.


"This is a fantastic day," said Combs from his Lake Dallas office.  "One of our goals was to establish a new world record in the REMOS and demonstrate that anyone can set a World Record if you just stick with the process.  This is actually one of three sanctioned flights that we are planning to set in this aircraft."


Combs initially planned on taking off from his home base in Denton, TX but the FAI rules required him to either extend the length of his flight to 1,250 miles, or move his take-off point to Ft Worth which was an additional 25 miles to the south.  This required establishing new contacts and reapplying for the revised route, but this endeavor was warmly received by the staff in Ft Worth who made the transition easy for Combs and his team.  "I can't say how great it is to be bringing this honor to the fine people at Meacham Field (KFTW).  They have been very gracious and helpful of this endeavor."


Branson was first selected in February of 2010 to be a point of landing for his World Record attempt.  "I actually chose Branson (KBBG) a long time before I ever started flying," said Combs.  "It is a fantastic place with amazing people.  It just seemed like a perfect fit to bring an aviation event to this area and to highlight Branson to the world for something other than fine music."


Wind direction will be the dominate factor of this flight which is currently scheduled for July 9th.  With calm skies, the fuel capacity on board will bring a window of less than one hour of flight time remaining after landing in Branson.  The team is hoping for a southwesterly flow which is more common in late summer between Texas and Missouri.  "We won't push fuel," commented Combs.  "One thing that I've learned after flying across the country is to respect the weather.  Patience is the key for the success of these flights and I can be real patient when I need to.  Safety will always be our friend when it comes to flying."


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 Photo Caption - Michael Combs with movie stunt pilot Corkey Fornof in Denton, TX


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  • Don says:

    Great News Michael! That will be a great trip!

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