Historic Flight Returns Safely from Alaskan Mission

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September 09, 2010





Historic Flight Returns Safely from Alaskan Mission



Seattle, WA - The Remos Light Sport Aircraft named Hope One landed safely at Boeing Field last night after successfully returning from a round trip to Ketchikan, AK .


Michael Combs and Bob Warner were all smiles and hugged each other after stepping out of their small aircraft that flew non-stop from Kamloops, BC, Canada to Seattle.  "We had an amazing flight," said Combs.  "The clouds were low most of the day which kept us flying through the mountains rather than over them, but there were no winds, and the ceilings allowed us a comfortable margin above the valley floors below."


Combs and Warner flew into Ketchikan, AK on Tuesday completing the goal of touching down in Alaska with the Light Sport Aircraft.  This marked Alaska as the 48th state of the 50 state goal leaving only Idaho and Hawaii.


The Flight was delayed three days due to weather in Prince George, BC, There were consistent low ceilings and rain showers along two carefully monitored routes. One route took them eastward then north into the Yukon where they would then fly southwest to Juneau.  The other route was straight west over the desolate Canadian mountains directly to Ketchikan.  They had a one and a half day window to arrive in either Ketchikan or Juneau before the rains returned to the Pacific Coast for another five days.  The primary problem was which route would open first and allow safe passage into Alaska.


"The weather here is wild to predict," stated Combs.  "We checked the weather at 5:30 in the morning, and what was a perfect forecast the night before was now calling for low ceilings and rain for the entire day.  The cloud ceilings were too low to fly through the mountains, so we would routinely wait until one in the afternoon...then call it a "No Go" status for the day.  Patience is the key to flying there, you don't push it, you just wait.  Fortunately our patience paid off as we had a beautiful window of weather that not only allowed us to fly to Ketchikan, but back to Prince George on the same day.  We hit some light rain only about fifty miles out and even that let up before we landed.  All in all, it was incredible in every way."


Taking off from Prince George marked another milestone for the trip as The Flight for the Human Spirit logged over 20,000 miles and over 135 airports.  This feat has brought the attention of many people from all areas of interest as Combs is encouraging others to follow their dreams no matter what they are.


"I just heard today about a man who is 79 years old, and purchased a motorcycle that he just rode to the West Coast because of the inspiration of this flight," stated Combs.  "It is getting people flying, riding, driving, walking, exercising, and even hugging more.  I'm amazed at what one person can do with a life and a little airplane. The inspiration of this flight is what will really be remembered when it is finished."


Bob Warner accompanied Combs and served as the Pilot in Command while in Canadian airspace due to the fact that Canada does not recognize the Sport Pilot's Certificate.  He was heading to a retreat in California which began this evening, just one day after they returned from Canada.


The Flight continues onward to Portland, OR, then to Yakima, Spokane, Missoula, and Boise, ID where the list of the scheduled stops will be complete.  Afterwards, Combs will pilot Hope One to Lake Havasu, AZ for an Air Show on the 25th of September in which he is the key speaker.


To follow The Flight for the Human Spirit which includes Live Satellite Tracking and posts from the cockpit of the Remos, go to:  www.FlightHS.com




Photo Caption - Bob Warner and Michael Combs were all smiles as they safely returned to Seattle after landing the Remos Light Sport Aircraft in Ketchikan, AK.



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  • Peter says:

    Congratulations, Michael and Bob! What an iincredible accomplishment - as have been almost every stage of this fantastic journey! Having been "trapped" on the east coast when Hope One visited Tucson, AZ , I hope to get to Lake Havasu for Michael's talk on the 25th. Peter Danforth, Tucson

    September 10, 2010 at 9:02 AM | Permalink


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