Flight for the Human Spirit Reaches 49th State

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September 14, 2010




Flight for Human Spirit Reaches 49th State



Pilot Michael Combs was all smiles as he stepped out of his Remos GX aircraft in Boise, ID Monday afternoon.   He has now successfully flown the Light Sport Aircraft named "Hope One" into all of the continental 49 states...and yes, that does include Alaska via a 1,900 mile round trip expedition through British Columbia, Canada.


The journey called "The Flight for the Human Spirit" began as a grass roots project and took off from Salina, KS on April the 8th.  It has now covered more than 22,500 miles, and Boise marked the 147th airport along the route.  There was good reason to celebrate in Boise as this completed the official list of stops on the mainland.  Combs was greeted by the local television media and received many e-mails and comments on his Official Fan Site on Facebook.  Fans from all around the world sent their congratulations on achieving a large milestone of a mission that many once thought would never reach a successful completion.


"Yes, we did have many people who voiced their thoughts that it would never take off, and others who thought that I wouldn't make it," said Combs.  "After all this is one of the most road tested Light Sports you will ever see in the sky.  But I have to say, this Remos has flown flawlessly and by the time we reach Arizona, it will have flown well over 23,000 miles on this amazing journey.  The only thing it will need is a new set of tires, an oil change, and some fresh plugs before we set out for Hawaii."


The Flight for the Human Spirit is the first historical flight to integrate all aspects of social media into the mission.  There are online videos, podcasts, blogs, Tweets, and even live Facebook updates from the cockpit.  Fans have claimed that it has been "addictive" following the progress of The Flight around the country.  Many are already anticipating following The Flight through five of the Hawaiian Islands.  "I can't wait for Hawaii," wrote one fan.  "You have inspired us to live again, and see that there are no limitations to what any of us can do."


Even though the official list of stops on the mainland is complete, The Flight is not yet over.  "From Boise we're going to fly to Salt Lake City, then onward to St. George, UT, and then stop in Lake Havasu City, AZ," said Combs.  "That will be our staging area for Hawaii as we put that last piece of the puzzle together.  I have to admit that it seems very simple compared to what we have just accomplished.  I'm really looking forward to bringing aviation history to our wonderful 50th state."


To follow the latest updates on The Flight including updates from Mission Control, visit:  www.FlightHS.com




Photo Caption - Pilot Michael Combs bringing the Remos GX Aircraft into Boise, ID for the 147th stop of a cross country mission.


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  • Bob says:

    Michael, you and Michele have manifested so much for the Human Spirit - I'm seeing you in Hawaii already! Blue Skies and Tail Winds! Noel and Bob

    September 14, 2010 at 5:36 PM | Permalink

  • Michael says:

    Thank-you Noel and Bob - - - I see it too!!!

    September 14, 2010 at 8:21 PM | Permalink


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