Common Questions About Saturday's Flight

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Common Questions About Saturday's Flight


  1. What is this World Record Flight all about?
    1. My goal is to promote the human spirit that resides within all of us.  We each have the ability to achieve greatness, if we only believe and have the commitment to see our dreams through until they become reality.  This Flight on Saturday is to encourage others not only to follow their dreams, but to excel in whatever their endeavors are.


  1. What is the World Record that you are setting?
    1. The most common world record in aviation is called "Speed Over a Recognized Course."  These records are not arbitrary, but are researched by the NAA (National Aeronautic Association) the National Organization, and the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) then the applications are granted a sanction which grants sole rights to that owner for a set period of time in which to accomplish the flight.  This flight begins at one point and ends at another.  There are official time keepers at each end who fill out forms and send them in for calculation of the average speed.


  1. Hope One is a Light Sport Aircraft, how can it compete against faster airplanes to set a speed record?
    1. Yes, Hope One has a maximum speed of 120 kts (about 137 mph).  Although it is a sweet aircraft that is faster than the average car, it can't compete against other World Record Holders.  However there is a classification that the REMOS fits into that is recognized world wide.  This flight will set a new record, but another aircraft in this classification can attempt to break it.


  1. Where is the Take-off Point?
    1. Ft Worth Meacham International Airport (KFTW).  Texas Jet is the FBO that we'll be meeting at.  Their address is:  200 Texas Way, Ft Worth, TX  76106.  Take-off time is scheduled for Saturday the 9th of July between 8:00 - 8:30 AM CDT.


  1. Where is the Landing Point?
    1. Branson Airport (KBKG).  Branson Jet Center is the FBO that we'll taxi to after touching down.  Their address is:  130 Wright Brothers Rd, Hollister, MO  65672.  The approximate flight time is three hours which is subject to change due to winds and weather.


  1. How common are these records in Ft Worth and Branson?
    1. Since the Wright Brothers first flew in 1903, there are 15 world records that have been set in Ft Worth.  Due to the proximity of cities several of these records are listed as combined Dallas/Ft Worth.  They are not very common however as the last world record set in Ft Worth was in February of 2003 when Steve Fossett flew from El Paso to Ft Worth.  His average speed was over 567 mph.


There are no aviation records that have ever been set in Branson, MO.  This will be the first.


  1. If we can't make it to the live events, how can we follow The Flight?
    1. It's easy to follow The Flight for the Human Spirit by logging onto:  You will find live information ranging from Satellite Tracking, to updates from Mission Control and photos from the cockpit of Hope One.  Feel free to post comments and ask questions.  Follow us on Twitter:  @CombsCoach  and "Like" us on Facebook:  "Flight for the Human Spirit Fan Page"


  1. Other than flying cross country like this, what specific risks are there?
    1. As with anything, there are dangers that are associated with flight.  This REMOS has been very reliable in every way and is very well maintained.  The possibility of a problem with Hope One is very minimal.  The greater concern for Saturday is the weather.  We are monitoring a front that should be over Oklahoma on Saturday morning.  It is currently weakening, and doesn't pose much of a problem other than bumpy winds aloft.  As of this moment, there is a 95% likelihood that we'll be flying on Saturday as scheduled.


  1. Are you flying solo?
    1. No.  I'm proud to say that Michele will be joining me on this historic journey.  We have had a lot of volunteers for the co-pilot seat of this flight, but due to her ongoing commitment to The Flight for the Human Spirit, she was the obvious choice.


  1. How high will you be flying?
    1. We will be flying at 9,500 ft above sea level unless we encounter unfavorable winds.  The other cruise altitude will be 7,500 ft.  You will be able to verify this by hovering your mouse over the dots on the Spidertracks live tracker found on our home page:


  1. How far will this flight be?
    1. Officially it is 559.98 km from Ft. Worth, TX to Branson, MO.  This distance converts to 347 miles and 301.5 nautical miles.  You will most likely see me have to fly further than this due to the airspace around the DFW airport which only is 5 miles from the end of the runway at Meacham.  The controllers will be routing our flight path and monitoring our progress during the entire flight.


  1. Will you have enough fuel to make the flight?
    1. Yes.  Originally we were monitoring the weather particularly for the winds.  This distance in a head wind situation would not be possible from a viewpoint of safety.. Currently we should have a tail wind through most of the flight which will give us plenty of fuel.


  1. Will you fly Hope One back to Denton after this flight?
    1. No.  We will be shooting video footage around the Branson area on Sunday, then fly Hope One to the REMOS facility in Rogers, AR next Monday morning.  She will stay there until the following week when we'll fly onward to AirVenture 2011 in Oshkosh, WI where it will be on display.


  1. What about Hawaii?
    1. Thanks for asking.  As you know, one of the primary missions of The Flight for the Human Spirit is to touch down an unmodified Light Sport Aircraft into all fifty states.  So far we are at 49 with only Hawaii to go.  We are working daily to raise the necessary funds to ship Hope One over there and back.  As soon as the funds are in place, we'll complete this amazing project.


  1. How can we help?
    1. We have reached over 25 million people with this flight encouraging others to follow their dreams.  School children have really enjoyed following The Flight, and have learned a lot from geography to following their dreams.  It has truly been a labor of love.  Anything that you can do is fantastic and verrry much appreciated!  Make sure that your name is in the Hope One notebook: 


Even if you can't contribute...thanks for telling everyone you know about this amazing journey.  Together we will reach our goal of 50 million people to encourage them to never, EVER give up on their dreams.  The world needs projects like this!


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