Combs Announces "Bike for the Human Spirit" Project

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October 04, 2011




Combs Announces "Bike for the Human Spirit" Project


Denver, CO - Michael Combs, President of The Flight for the Human Spirit delivered a moving keynote speech at the state convention for the Colorado Association of Realtors yesterday. At the end of his address he announced his upcoming projects which included three new world record attempts in aviation, three new books, and a project named:  "Bike for the Human Spirit" in which he will be bicycling from Portland, ME to San Diego, CA late in the summer of 2012.

The ride is estimated to exceed 3,400 miles and should take 42 days to complete.  It will be open for others to join Combs along the route and celebrate the Human Spirit along with the endeavors of man.


"This project is near and dear to my heart," said Combs from the downtown Sheraton Hotel.  "It's something that I've always wanted to do, but have put it off for too long of a time in my life.  I promised myself to live with no regrets, and here it is...something that I better do now, rather than wait."

The response to Combs announcement was welcomed with great enthusiasm.  Within minutes there were others who wanted to participate by riding along, coordinating efforts, or help to find sponsors.  "I've been amazed at the overwhelming response to this project already," exclaimed Combs.  "We've got people who are already trying to find the route online for more information on where we'll be passing through."

There is little doubt that Combs will achieve this next feat.  He has already overcome insurmountable odds to fly a REMOS Light Sport Aircraft into 49 states and nearly 30,000 miles in a project called, "The Flight for the Human Spirit."

Following Combs address, CAR President Scott Matthias asked the audience, "I don't know how he's going to do it, but does anyone doubt that Michael is going to finish this amazing ride?"  The large ballroom was filled with laughter, but no one offered any apprehension.


Within the next six months Combs will endeavor to set several new records in aviation that are sure to encourage others to follow their own dreams.  His intent is to diversify his projects to include a larger number of individuals who may not necessarily be attendees at air shows.  "By the time that I set my next world record, I'll have a larger fan base who are interested in the ‘Bike for the Human Spirit' project.  These fans will be exposed to the world of aviation, and at the same time, my dedicated base of aviation fans will have the opportunity to be involved with following another unique project.  "Bike for the Human Spirit" will incorporate many of the features that "The Flight for the Human Spirit" did.  Fans will be able to track my live progress, and this time will be able to log on and see a live streaming feed from my helmet whenever connectivity is available.  It will be a very interactive journey that I'll be able to share as it is unfolding around the world."

Michael is no stranger to reaching out to his growing base of fans in a variety of ways.  He writes regular articles for magazines around the world, has a popular podcast, and speaks regularly around the country on how to fulfill your dreams or become successful in your business and personal life.  Of his fans he said, "They are the best in the world, they are people who are following their own dreams and are seeking motivation and inspiration when they stumble.  I've met so many of them, and they are the greatest people who are determining where they want to go in life and are finding ways to help others as well."


Combs plans to begin his bicycle trek from Maine in late August and should arrive in California during the month of October.  The early fall weather should deliver temperatures and weather patterns conducive to the ride, but of course are sure to bring about some adverse conditions.  "I know that weather will be somewhat of a factor," explained Combs, "but unlike many times that we experienced during The Flight we won't have to be grounded as much.  I can ride in the wind and the rain within limits; I think that my larger concerns are going to be fatigue.  Right now I'm planning on averaging  100 miles per day, but I'll need to ride more in the next few months in order to determine whether I can physically accomplish that or not."


During his speech, Combs explained that in order to prepare for the trip, he will be losing 20 pounds and will endeavor to steadily get in better physical shape over the upcoming months.  And of course, he will report his progress to followers of his Facebook and Twitter accounts.  "This is real" said Michael, "and it is a real journey that will contain many obstacles that need to be overcome. But, in this day and age, people want to know that you are authentic, no matter who you are, or what you do.  I freely admit that right now I'm not in the best shape to be riding a bicycle from coast to coast, but I'm not going to let that be a reason to not even try to attempt it.  I have health concerns, and I have physical limitations that I will endeavor to diminish as quickly as possible. 


It's named "Bike for the Human Spirit" for a reason...and just as I've demonstrated before, the human spirit will always does."


For more information on "Bike for the Human Spirit" including Live satellite tracking, Facebook and Twitter updates throughout the journey, go to:   Sponsorship inquiries should be directed to

FACEBOOK:  "For the Human Spirit" or "Flight for the Human Spirit"

TWITTER:  @combscoach


Photo Caption - Michael Combs with his REMOS aircraft named Hope One



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