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OUR MISSION: To ignite the dreams of 50 million souls and to encourage them to do the same with five others.

Follow this community as we track the progress of one determined man and his lifelong dream to fly. Along the way, we'll explore the dreams and achievements of others and track the collective progress as this grassroots project gains momentum -- and literally takes off.

This project began as a dream, and is proof that all things are possible to those who believe that no dream is too large, and no hope is too small.   It is an outpouring of the true spirit of cooperation.  It is a wellspring of proof that every man, woman and child has the support of God, fellow beings, and all of the powers of the universe to bring all dreams to reality.  Watch live flight tracking and reports at www.FlightHS.com



  • Michael
  • Ajit
  • Michele
  • Hernan
  • Rachel
  • Rich


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