What would you do if I handed you $5,000?

As you know "The Flight for the Human Spirit" is for you.  It is a place where you can nurture your dreams and find encouragement to do anything that you want with your life.

My goal is not only to inspire a nation, but to inspire everyone around the world to follow their dreams and begin living a life full of accomplishment.

Along those lines, within a year after I have touched down on the last leg of this mission in Hawaii, I'll be presenting a check for $5,000 to the winner of a random drawing from all of our group members. 

$5,000.00 isn't a lot, but it is enough to get you started on the path of accomplishing your dream.

So I have two questions for you:

1.  What is your dream?

2.  If someone handed you $5,000 to be used toward accomplishing your dream, how would you use it?

Post your response now and be entered for the drawing.  Also, tell everyone you know to join this community.  When they sign up, have them mention your name.  For every person that you send to the community, you'll be entered again!  Sign up a 1,000...you have 1,001 entries, (I'm counting your original entry as well)

Imagine if one of them changed their life because of you?

Take care, and may all of your dreams come true!


Michael Combs

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I would open a Theater group in a small town.

This is something that I have never done, but have always dreamed of doing.  I envision opening a theater in a small town and presenting plays to the community 3-4 times per year.

If I win the $5,000 grant I would take the time off of work to go a small town within a days drive of my home and I would spend a week there to get to know the folks and ask if they would be interested in my idea.  I might even hold auditions.  If I liked it, who knows, I might even stay there and live my dream sooner rather than later.

Good luck on your flight Michael, I like what you are doing.  You are giving us hope to dream again when everything seems to be hopeless.  I'll be at the airport when you land in Colorado.

I can still hear the sound of the waves gently rolling in and out in a rythmic way and the cold wet, shocking feeling as they touched my barefeet. With my father by my side we looked up at the sky out at the horizon and dreamed as we always did, here was one of the places I felt free, I felt so small in this big old world, he and I had always shared our dreams, and our wonder of the sky and what else was out there. A gentle breeze slowly blew through my hair... "Tower one preparing for take off." I was suddenly snapped out of my daydream as we started down the runway, I could feel the cold air all around me, and the rush of excitement. I really was taking off for my first flight. I looked down and laughed at the experimental aircraft speedometer and before I knew it we were off the ground. I looked back at the group waving to me with big smiles on their faces and they slowly got smaller and smaller as we flew higher and higher, now looking no bigger than a little army man. I excitedly took photos all around. How free and easy I felt. How alive I felt in this moment. Ah now this is where I am meant to be! This is home I thought as I took in the sights, and smells. How free birds must feel. Away from world from life all you could do was take in the wonders of this beautiful world below and the wide open spaces above. The traffic, the noises, the problems all seemed like a joke up here. It was the way I feel when I sing, where I go to that other place. It is the place of my dreams, the place I always invisioned laying next to my dad looking up at the sky. I was home! I felt the bitter cold sleat rip through my jeans and I pulled the jacket a stranger had handed to me closer in humble thankfulness. " He was right! It does get cold up here!" I said in a semi laughing tone to the pilot. " If you love this now, when it is soo cold out, you are meant to be up in the air." he retorted back to me. Before I knew it we were taking our last turn and lining up with the runway. The earth and all it contained began to get bigger and bigger as we approached the runway, and to my suprise we landed next to runway with a quick little bounce. I silently chuckled to myself as my heart jumped in pleasant suprise.

Back on the ground I was bombarded with the questions, "What did you think, were you scared, did you get sick, is it what you thought it would be?" I pondered for a second. The thought to be scared had never even entered my mind. All I had felt was freedom, home, at its purest and truest form. My life suddenly made so much more sense and was so much easier now that I knew where my dreams were. I had to appologize to them that my answers were not typical and scared, for they were shocked at how calm and nochalant I was about the whole thing. I turned to my dad, "I can not wait for you to go up there!"

Since then whenever I see a plane fly overhead or a bird I am brought back up there. When I sing a song or feel something is a little challenging I float above the earth in the clouds. When training with my friend for our marathon the other day, we ran fourteen miles, and whenever I felt a little drained I simply looked up and I was floating, I was back in the air. I tell you I did not feel that run until I was into mile 13, and I found myself simply praying for my friend behind me, as I saw her struggle with the miles....

As you have seen through my post, I feel free when I sing. My dream has always been to help people, and without being conscious of the fact I have always been one to push people to accomplish their dreams and to keep going. My dream is to bring the music in my heart to the people of the world. I want for them to feel my passion, my freedom, my love. I have so much to give!

With five thousand dollars I would go to the studio and record a demo album as my voice teacher has suggested I do. If for nothing else to get used to recording the many different styles I sing... For now I am kind of lost on where to go with this dream. I know in time it will come, but I need to be sure I am prepared when that time comes. So I will begin to go to open mic nights to listen to others as the pursue my same dream. To change the world for the better with the music of our souls. I want those who feel too afraid to fly, to feel when they listen to my music that they are up there... Flying above the world without a care in the world. For we all deserve to feel free. With all the worries of this world, with all the problems we face day to day, all I want is for someone to be able to turn on one of my songs and float away to another world, to feel like all of those problems and worries are far away, for them to feel like they can float above the earth and run forever..... 

If you have any other suggestions for me though I am open!

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I would get my flight training completed then give my time in the air to someone who couldn't afford to fly so that they would at least get time in the air or if need be if someone needed a way to get somewhere it would be alot faster and safer to fly then to drive . I would be giving it as a gift of love to humanity. I feel that flying should be for everyone and not just the rich or well to do. There are people who'd make good pilots, they just need the oppratunity to prove it. 

My life time dream would come true, which happens to be the same as yours... touch the sky with me as pilot in command... the main excuse I have had is "I don't have the money for my private pilot certificate".

I sincerely wish you GOOD LUCK in your flight for the human spirit. Make sure I will be there when you get to Houston.

I hope to be able to tell you soon... I will see you in the sky.


Eloy Ferrer

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love to see everyone dreaming!

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My wife and I lost our jobs over a year now, she got laid off and I got hurt at work and now disabled. What I can tell you is that The Flight for the Human Spirit has made a difference in my life. My son's name and mine are in the book that MC keeps in the plane, our spirit fly where ever he goes. As a result of our misfortunes, my son had to stop taking flying lessons, if I were to win the $5,000.00, I would take my son back to the airport so he can finish where he left off. A dream come true for both of us!

What would I do with $5000?  That's not an easy question to answer at this time.  Like many Americans, I too have been the victim of a corporate lay off.  After 10 years of dedicated service for a Fortune 500 company, I was laid off on January 28th, 2010.  My clients, who were made up of some of the largest banking institutions in this country, decided not to spend the stimulus money they received on technology infrastructure projects.  As a result, 54 of my fellow employees and I lost our jobs.  I'm living on severance, which is due to expire on December 31st, 2010.

Up until then, my dream was to buy my first airplane over the summer with the money I managed to save in those 10 plus yeas, and spend the time flying around with my 12 year old son, who has his own dream of attending the US Air Force Academy when he graduates high school and becoming an Air Force pilot.  With my change in employment status, what disposable income I have is now being saved up in case I cannot immediately find another job in my field of work.  It's been 5 months now and I have had only 6 interviews... but it's not for a lack of effort.

In answer to your question... what would I do with $5000, I'd probably put it in a high interest savings account for use as an eventual down payment some day for that ever elusive first airplane.


Profile Image for Jim Jim

If I were to get $5000 handed to me I would use it to fullfill my goal of FLYING.

I did a hitch in the USAF 59-63, and unfortunately I wasn't like my buddies, who took flying lessons, and/or skydiving.  I, like most stupid kids at that age was more interested in cars and girls.  I married a Abeline girl that lived in the town where Dyess AF base was located.

A few months ago, at 69 yrs old,  I was about to fulfill the top item on my "BUCKET LIST".

Before I made the arrangments to do that, I had a Stroke and lost the use of my left arm and leg.  I had to forget my dream untill I could go through therapy to gain back the use of my arm and leg, which took a few months.  After I regained use of my limbs enough to be able to get around with a cane, I signed up for the flight.

I had used a flight simulator extensively over the years, and that and the many flight my MIND had taken, I felt comfident enough that, if put to the test I could FLY.  My instructor under watchful eye, allowed me to take the Cessna off and fly around for the 30 minute flight and land it.  It was the thrill of a lifetime. Unbelievable!

Being retired, and so "over the hill" that I have not been able to gain part time employment, I had to realize that my goal has very little chance of being fulfilled.

But being handed that much would renew my determination to get a sport flighing certificate.

One can only hope.

                                                                                 Jim Rushing


Thank you for the idea of helping jump start aviation. What a blessing!  Innocent

$5,000 would be nice. It would bring me current at John Wayne Airport CA. Every time I'm about to write a check for aviation, something else pops up, year after year, after year. Now we're investing in our grandson to prepare him for West Point. He finished high school with 70 extra units, completed JROTC as a Cmdr. He's been accepted at Northwest Prep school by Lake Arrowhead. Total cost for 4 months: $8,500 (our investment) 

Haven't flown since 1989,  miss it terribly, it's in my blood. Hope to activate my commercial ticket. Have retained a current medical over the years. Have enjoyed CAP for many years, enlisting many young people into the ranks.

I've learned people are more important than me doing "my thing." 

There's been one financial need after another, each one more important than flying. Grown kids with children have suffered in this economy, loss of employment, almost lost their home on several occaisions. My wife knows my love for flying. Out of love for me she says; "Just borrow the money, if we can borrow to help the kids we can.........." The added debt seems backward, it's called leveraging. As a steward of God's provision, I'm held to a higher standard.

Love the LSA's. Would love to meet Michael Combs, give him a tour of our international headquarters, do lunch or dinner if his travels bring him to Orange County CA.

Ron Alsop, Dir of Stewardship, Trinity Broadcasting Network



If someone handed me $5,000 I would start the Military Kids Speak Foundation. The Foundation would fulfill the wishes and dreams of kids in military families. All of the proceeds from my book Military Kids Speak that will be released in September would go to the Foundation. The mission of the book series and the Foundation would be to honor and inspire kids in military families. I want them to stack the evidence on how special it is and what a grand adventure it is to be in a military family. Military kids are emotionally resilient and amazing. I say that with humility even though my dad was Navy, my husband Marines and our son-in-law Air Force. :-) Even if military kids' parents have not been killed or injured, those young people make a sacrifice for our country. Their wishes and dreams are often so small. I want to grant them and grow them!

Thank you for inspiring me, Mike!

Love and blessings,


I met and married my dream nearly 40 years ago and through God's grace and power we are living out our dream day by day.

 I would give my tithe, save a portion, give a portion away(various charitable organizations need our help), reinvest the rest and start all over with the gain I made.

May you continue to have traveling mercies and a joyous journey.


I would use the $5,000.00 to help defray some of my daughter's unforeseen medical bills. No, we don't live in a socialist system that cares cradle-to-grave...the medical establishment does, and will continue, to grossly overcharge for hospital time and anesthesiologists, all to cover their grossly overpriced malpractice insurance.  We are in the process of taking loans to help her pay the charges.  Without the burden of onerous and outrageous bills, she, too, can take flight again and find her spirit lifted.  It was a thrill and great pleasure to meet and greet you and Daniel at your stop in Austin, Texas...Godspeed, and always Check Six. 

My dream is to live well and long enough to see my son have a child or children of his own.  I'm so incredibly proud of him, his accomplishments, and his giving nature.  As with any parent the best day of my life was when he joined my wife and I and we became a family.  

If I had $5,000 I'd take my son, now in his third year of college on an academic scholarship, and his mother, my wife, on a dream vacation.  Together we'd create those memories we'd each treasure for the rest of our days.  Creating memories took on a new urgency for us when in November of last year I was diagnosed with stage 4 NHL, an incurable form of cancer with a 50% to 60% survival rate within the first 5 years following diagonis.  Each day is a gift and I can only hope their memories will remain long after I'm gone.    

As a Father, Husband, and Pilot many of my dreams have been fulfilled.  As someone once said "Time is our only true enemy".  Running out of time my only fear.

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If I were handed $5000, I would use it to fulfill my dream of becoming a pilot.  As Michael mentioned in his story, there has always been something that has put this dream on the back burner. Michael story has not only stoked the embers in the stove of this dream, he has inspired me to not give up on anything in my life. I would like to share the fulfillment of this dream with my son, who is a pilot as well as an aircraft mechanic. I would like to use my pilot's license to help people some how. I am involved in a group from our town in Illinois that takes yearly mission trips to Haiti to help out  in various ways at the medical clinic there. I have been there with the group twice and just love the people there and love doing what I can to help. God bless you Michael in the fulfilment of your dream and a successfull completion of this project.

The responsible part of me says that I would put the $5,000 towards a retirement fund, or pay off bills (like Dave Ramsey keeps telling me to do), or put it into the kids college fund.  But the part of me that has always dreamed of being a pilot would be screaming to take it and finish my training! Like Michael, flying has always been a dream of mine that over the years has gone largely unfulfilled due to career, family priorities, and life in general.  I salute Michael for his courage, determination, and ability to bring his passion for pursuing dreams to so many people.

I'd get my PA. That seems like such a long shot at the moment. (Read my other post entitled WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING.) I've been taking baby steps toward my goal. I started ground school in the August and joined the EAA in October. I've gone to some EAA chapter meetings, met some other pilots and was even given a ride - the first time I'd been in small plane in years. Still, almost 2 years of unemployment and severe under-employement combined with debt from medical bills from a freak eye injury have me wondering if my goal is within reach. I keep telling myself it is and doing what little I can to move in that direction, but there are times I wonder...  Am I crazy? Is it possible? Will my situation & circumstances ever improve? Surely they must. Others have overcome challenges to accomplish their dreams so I should be able to as well. ... I want to set an example for my kids (ages 9 & 11). I want them to KNOW (from watching me) that they can accomplish whatever they set out to do. 

I would love to be a private pilot and own my own airplane. I'd make a special effort to get involved with the EAA's Young Eagles program to give first flight rides to kids so they can catch the flying bug early and get their certification while they are young and healthy and have years of flying ahead of them. My kids were given young eagles flights a few months ago and loved it. I would cherish the ability to share flying with them. 


What Would be the Right Way to Spend $5,000?

$5,000 would allow me to finish getting my Private Pilot license.  I have had the nest egg designated several times but my health ministry projects and monthly bills keep dipping into it.  That was just a lifelong dream or rather a belief that I could fly and it seems a little selfish and also financial fear creeps in and I wonder how I could ever afford to really fly after I would get my license so I just work on it in bits and pieces which is a really expensive way to get a license.  So if $5,000 would help me know what is the right thing to do, that would be the best use of money.

Although nationally and at state levels we see the mandate to live healthier lives, in reality I find that it is more difficult for people to have the support and availability of foods and activities so that they can readily integrate those healthy behavior choices into their daily living.  Thus I feel that I must continue to do projects along my path that model and mentor how it can be done.   Some of those projects have little love offerings with them, others have just the love energy, sometimes I even get "real nurse" pay and others still seem to have resentment and downright blockage from the establishment in hopes that I will go away.  I feel that any organization or family or individual that wants to learn knowledge, skills, and resources to help them integrate wellness is who I want to work with...regardless of their ability to pay.  Getting the paperwork completed so that Wellness Weavers is a 501(c)3 organization would be helpful yet the reality is that I have so many project or small job deadlines that it keeps being on the backburner.   So, if $5,000 could wave a magic wand and the genie would make that back burner into a rocket ship afterburner that would help me get all my paperwork completed, my website and database management system, and staff to help me lie in this earthly realm then I would chose to spend the money that way first!  J

It would be so nice if trustworthy people could do safe ride hitching in small planes,  roadable vehicles,  trains, or boats because I am spending so much money on gas for my car to go between health ministry projects and most of the time it is just me in my car so I do not feel good about my environmental footprint.  As a member of the 99s, AOPA, and EAA, I am still inhibited from asking for rides where people are going anyway.  I used to hike-hitch the roadways when I was getting my continuing education in wellness and health promotion but now people are so freaked out about untrustworthy people that the police give me a speech whether I am hike-hitching or giving someone else a ride.  I also figure that when I get invited to go along with a trustworthy person, then that will be a signal that the time is right .  So if $5,000 would make that safe network of trustworthy travelers happen, that would be a great investment!

There is so much work yet to continue to build the infrastructure within each community to support individuals, families, churches, schools, businesses, including the medical establishment to integrate wholistic health.  So, if I could meet with people who could really help give constructive criticism to get "The One-Page Standard Health Insurance Form" into everyone's hands so that our upside down healthcare pyramidal system would truly topple over to have a strong base of support with wellness first, then I would definitely spend my $5,000 that way!

As I want to follow in the footsteps with doors that my mentors, Lillian Wald and Amelia Earhart had opened, there are places in New York, D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, LaFayette, Chicago, Atchison, and California where I feel I could make more headway if I could get there more often.  The rare photo display of Amelia's visit to Hawaii is at the Royal Hawaiian in Waikiki on display "until the end of the year ".  That would just be a fun educational and inspiring thing if I could travel by ship there and then fly on HOPE One on January 12, 2010 back to California...76 years after Amelia's historic first flight from Hawaii to Oakland.  Maybe there would be the fun famous "76 Trombones and the Big Parade" to march in when we arrived :)  Eighteen hours (what it took Amelia) in the Remos cockpit could teach me a lot about reading the electronic displays or navigating by the stars and teach Michael how to avoid blood clots while cooped up without a place to land and walk around.  Will you have to carry a bladder of fuel in the passenger seat instead?  If $5,000 would help you make that flight safely then I might give it to you if that was all you needed to make your last leg happen. 

So, there is no lack of ways to spend $5,000...I just wish life came with flashing signs that were trustworthy when they beckoned "To meet your goals, invest your money here and now!"  Instead, my health promotion ministry work is as if I have been corked into a glass bottle and tossed into the sea.  Granted, it has been a pretty big bottle and there are a lot of others in here with me this lifelong mission...I just want us all to have fun, play nice, and eat well to be vitally alive!  :)

HOPE is the faith that the good will prevail in the end.  The five points of the star, that also shows up on the side of the Remos, remind me to balance my own physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual health so that my light does not go out.  Actually, it was the "Tooth Fairy" who first coined the term, "The Star Theory of Radiant Health", sometime back in the 1990s after attending a "Humor Skills for the Health Professional" conference.  It is the starfish from nature that reminds me that when one digit of the star gets nipped, it can regenerate.  All of those things and us come from God and that gives me hope that we can all tap into the healing energy of the Universe when we take good care of the Earth and our bodies and all living people and creatures.

Thanks for what you and Michele do to heal yourselves and empower others in this global network.

Continued blessings in your life for eternity!

"Sister Sue(s)", aka "Helen Stucky Risdon", "The Tooth Fairy", "Ms Merry Fitness", "The Witch of the Kansas East", "Helen, MD (Mirth Dispenser)", "Major Prudence Wright, MP (The Virtual Medical Police)", "Cassandra", "Mildred", and "Astra...the Major Space Cadet"

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